Extract Audio From Video

Load a video file or DVD and turn the audio into a stand alone mp3 file. A great utility for creating audio files or snippets of audio from your existing video files. Works with flv video files downloaded from youtube. If you found a live version of your favorite song but it is only available as a video file, you can now rip only the audio portion of the video to an mp3 file and then burn it to a CD or put it on your ipod or other mp3 player to listen to the audio portion without the video.

What we Offer

Desktop software solutions to handle all of your video and audio file conversion needs.

The media conversion products offered generally fall into two categories; audio and video (there is technically a third category that combines both audio and video).

The video category is comprised of solutions ranging from dvd ripping to video conversion including formatting for mp3 devices.

The Audio category is a smaller offering and allows for the conversion of audio file formats using a few differant products.

The third category is audio extraction - Taking the audio from a video file and creating a seperate file that only contains the audio stream. The audio extractor is a usefull tool for creating an mp3 from a music video file.

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